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You may think: "I am an executive, I'm going to make this place, or even do not need this site to be Executive! Another website useless! "

I understand and I think the same in place.

However, Executive Connection is far from being like other websites.It is unique!

Enter Executive Connection does join the "club of executives in Mexico"

"It will make life easier, I guarantee it!

- Jean-Eudes Dumont
Magnificat advocacy director in Mexico
On June 11, 2003

Dear friends of Internet,

"I made some preparations for you to get the Executive Connection Directory CD-ROM electronic version so that, if your business requires you to access the full directory in Excel at the best price"

John Nagel
Director and creator of Conexió

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Why am I doing this? One simple reason.

I think for any person to any company business opportunities are based on the ability to develop oneself in its network, especially in Mexico, where "what matters is who you know."

¿Qué le propongo?

Since 1996 I have established with my team and a powerful directory qualitative approximately 10,000 executives at 5,000 companies and government offices in Mexico.

We offer online access through purchase or gain points which give access to the full details of the companies or acquiring the entire database in electronic version on CD-ROM at a cost unmatched in the market!

And that helps you do business!

Many of our customers appreciate and congratulate after purchasing the directory, as in the case of former U.S. ambassador in Mexico

Executive Connection serves as an excellent resource for Mexico that will use extensively. I congratulate you on the publication of this directory, useful and very complete.

James Jones, Ex-embajador de los EEUU en México

What does the directory?

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  More than 10,000 executives in over 5,000 companies and offices

  Telephone and fax numbers of each company

 Address with zip code

 Email addresses (when available)

  The highest contacts with name and put in: companies, financial sector, industrial cameras, professional services, the Cabinet, the Congress, the press ...

  AND MORE! Our directory is used by thousands of top executives in Mexico

AND MORE! Our directory is used by thousands of top executives in Mexico

The online directory or CD-ROM you can:

  Saber Quién es Quién en el Gobierno y Sector Privado en México

  Save Time and Money

  Grouping data

  Print Labels

  Contact New Clients

  Aumentar sus Ventas

  Mail Merge

  Manage Contacts

Call us at (52/55) 5208-0874 for acquisition and reporting.

  More than 5000 companies and government offices in Mexico

  their addresses

  Senior executives

  Los números de teléfonos

  The emails (when information is available)

  The addresses of Internet sites

A directory of high quality content, ideal for finding partners and working in Mexico.

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- Excel Database on CD-ROM:

With the CD-ROM version of the directory, you can make cards, envelopes and labels to measure; make their advertising campaigns will be faster and easier with the CD-ROM directory.

Tendrá acceso directo a los vínculos de las páginas Internet de las empresas.

Una versión electrónica del directorio que facilita la navegación y las búsquedas!